This is so unplanned guys! Kalau nak tahu actually aku dengan kawan-kawan yang lain so called Instafamous dan juga blogger famous (i'm so proud jadi kawan diorang untuk tumpang glamour lol) ada plan untuk buat trip ke a few places. 

realme Malaysia today has launched two of its latest smartphones in their Number Series, realme 7 Pro and realme 7. realme’s Number Series is well-known for its charging technology, camera features as well as trendy design. Malaysians can now capture sharper and charge faster with the functions equipped in the new realme 7 Series. 

“Here at realme Malaysia, we believe in continuously improving and innovating products to take users' experience to the next level. We’ve decided to ramp up the specs with a stronger camera and boost its performance for realme 7 Series users to experience the leap forward technology. We would also like to thank Malaysians for being patient while waiting for the arrival of realme 7 Series to the market,” said Tiffany Teh, Brand Manager of realme Malaysia.

realme 7 Pro


The device comes with a huge upgrade of 65W SuperDart Charge for an unparalleled charging experience. It can power up to 100% within 34 mins for its 4500mAh massive battery while keeping the phone cool below 40 degree celsius of charging temperature. Even while heavy gaming, the 65W SuperDart Charge can charge up to 43% in just 30 minutes. 


Both realme 7 Pro and realme 7 feature the 2nd generation of 64MP quad-camera system with a new Sony IMX682 sensor to enhance users’ satisfaction in capturing sharper images. The realme 7 Pro focuses on its Ultra Nightscape Video as well as Pro Nightscape mode that enables users to freely adjust the shutter, ISO, white balance, and other parameters. On the front of realme 7 Pro, there is a 32MP high-resolution selfie camera which is the highest pixel for the front camera right now. 

Apart from that, both realme 7 Pro and realme 7 are equipped with mind-blowing features such as Starry Mode, Ultra-Nightscape Video, Night Filters, AI Colour Portrait Video, UIS on primary camera and UIS Max on wide angle lens. Users who are interested in night photography could explore more possibilities in their night filters for better clarity and artistic inspiration. 

Display & Performance

realme 7 Pro is built with a 6.4 inch Super AMOLED Display and 98% NTSC colour gamut for a better immersive visual experience, better image quality and brighter colours. On the back, the unique aesthetic of AG Split Design presents the asymmetry perfectly in a visually harmonious and balanced way. realme 7 Pro is available in two beautiful colours of Mirror Silver and Mirror Blue that are inspired by the mirror space.

In terms of processors, the realme 7 Pro is driven by the powerful Snapdragon 720G. It applies an advanced 8nm production processor that clocks up to 2.3GHz high-frequency Kryo 465 CPU which 

comes with a powerful Adreno 618 GPU. This enables the device to stand out in performance and efficiency by delivering a seamless gaming experience with high image quality. 

Audio & Fingerprint

realme collaborated with Dolby Atmos and adopted a dual-speakers Dolby Atmos Sound Effect as well as Hi-Res Sound Quality for users to immerse in awesome listening experiences on realme 7 Pro. realme 7 Pro is also equipped with Goodix's new generation of light sensor in-display fingerprint modules that greatly improve the monitoring and identification speed, accuracy as well as safety performance.

Both realme 7 Pro and realme 7 features three card slots, a dual SIM slot, and a dedicated SD card slot which is expandable up to 256GB,  hence users will never have to worry about running out of space while storing images, videos or files.

realme 7

Battery & Performance

realme 7 is equipped with a 5000 mAh large battery capacity and the latest 30W Dart Charge. In terms of charging speed, it can be charged to 50% in just 26 minutes, and fully-charged in 65 minutes. 

As for the realme 7, it comes with MediaTek Helio G95 Gaming Processor for Malaysian users to indulge in a smooth experience in both performance and gaming. It is also equipped with cutting-edge superb carbon fiber cooling systems that can cool up to 8.6% while keeping the phone's performance up to speed.

Camera & Display

realme 7 is also built with the 2nd generation 64MP quad-camera system with a new Sony IMX682 sensor where it enhances users’ satisfaction in capturing sharper images. realme 7’s 16MP Ultra-clear front camera satisfies users in taking selfies that show natural and delicate skin.

The device is equipped with a 6.5 inch 90Hz Ultra Smooth Display to provide the smoothest experience in the segment and sampling rate of the display is 120Hz. The back cover of realme 7 Series also features AG Split Design processing with classic CD textures makes the phone look more premium. There are two surreal colours available for realme 7, which are the Mist White and Mist Blue. 

Product Availability



Sales Information

realme 7 Pro


RM 1,499

Mirror Silver 

and Mirror Blue

First Online Sale on realme’s official store at Shopee

First Offline Sale at all authorised dealers 

  • 3rd October 2020

Pre-order at realme stores and all authorised dealers

  • 24th September - 2nd October 2020

  • Free realme Buds Q White Edition (specially designed by Jose Levy)

realme 7


RM 1,299

Mist White 

and Mist Blue

First Offline Sale at all authorised dealers 

  • 26th September 2020

Pre-order at realme stores and all authorised dealers

  • 24th - 25th September 2020

  • Free Neck Massager

TÜV Rheinland Smartphone Reliability Verification

realme 7 Pro and realme 7 are among the top smartphones that passed TÜV Rheinland Smartphone Reliability Verification with its new reliability standard making realme smartphones not only better to use, but also more durable for fans to enjoy the pleasure brought by the leap-forward technology and trendsetting design.

To find out more about realme’s events and promotions, do follow our Facebook page as well as Instagram at @realmemalaysia

Sekarang ini kebanyakan daripada kita telah beralih shopping di atas talian malah pelbagai platform turut tersedia untuk korang buat pilihan. 

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Sebelum ini, aku pernah kongsikan dengan korang mengenai Dorsett Hartamas yang terletak di Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur yang mana tarikannya adalah skypool yang cukup cantik berlatarbelakangkan Istana Negara. 

Dalam kebanyakan hotel, aku boleh katakan begitu dekat dan selesa untuk memilih Dorsett Hotel sekiranya aku merancang untuk short escape ataupun pilihkan untuk  keluarga menginap.