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Chiba Sweet Potato

Chiba Sweet Potato |  Hands up for potato lover ! If you one of the potato lover, you should try Chiba Sweet Potato because the taste totally different from other potatoes and too sweet compared than you. LOL 

Previously at Village Grocer, Bangsar I've been given a chance to taste Chiba Sweet Potato for the very first time in my life. At first I thought the taste gonna be same like other potatoes in Malaysia so called Ubi Kayu or tapioca. But after that, I think I already munch like 5-6 bites of it because its very delicious. Sorry guys! 

Gotcha! 6th time maybe? Hahahaaha

Actually now you can purchase this delicious potato since they already here! Cool right since you guys no need to go to Chiba and find this potato. For your information, Chiba is a Japanese prefecture encompassing Tokyo's eastern outskirts and the rural Bōsō Peninsula. 

Meet Chiba - Kun 

Lot of games and prizes waiting ! 

So Chiba Prefecture is one of the largest sweet potato procedures in Japan where they are very particular about the soil and cultivation methods, so the potatoes are sweet as well as endorsed safety. Thats why the taste very fresh and delicious! 

For those who still wondering what you can do or how to eat this potato. This is a few suggestion for you

  • Bake sweet potato at home! 
  • Grill and eat like a boss
  • Boil and make it as candied sweet potato 
  • Eat with Ice Cream 
  • cake lover? Then turn it to sweet potato tart 
Now try to get your own Chiba Sweet Potato because its worth it till end . This potato containing vitamins, potassium and dietary fiber! It also stimulates intestinal regulation action, thanks to Jalapin! Where you will see white milk when cut a raw sweet potato. 

I've grab mine, how about you? Go grab now! 

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