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1001 Traditional Feast At Latest Recipe Le Meridien

1001 Traditional Feast At Latest Recipe Le Meridien  | Ramadan just around the corner! Ehem, Thinking to eat traditional feast with a good place ? Why not treat your tummy at Le Meridien where more than 200 specialty dishes that represent this hotel will bringing you tantalizing dishes from around Malaysia during the holy month

I've been there before for the food review and yes, I would like to recommend you to start the journey of food by trying their authentic Malay salads at the  Malay Kerabu Station. Must try their smoked duck salad with sweet pineapple, lemongrass and green jamaica plum and mussel salad with bean sprout.

Missing your hometown ? Dont worry, they will bring you Chicken Biryani, Buffalo curry with coconut candy paste , Bubur Lambuk , Ipoh Yong Tau Foo, aneka gorengan, Mee Lala Kuah Lemak Putih dengan Sambal Kari Kering waiting for you to taste!

Every place will compete to introduce their own specialties. For Le Meridien itself, they will bringing you the traditional Turkish ice-cream counter, the first hotel to embrace this notion in KL featuring 3 unique flavours. What so unique about this ice - cream?

The ice -cream man will breaks out his showmanship and puts on an elaborate act , utilizing the peculiar qualities of dondurma ( Turkish for frozen) to perform a seamless series of magic tricks and serves up an impressive array of sleight of hand tricks and other light - hearted torments before finally handling over your frozen treat , a first for many! So ice-cream anyone? 

Want to try something different? Selection of Indian, Japanese ,Western and Chinese Cuisine will be presented in front of you. While for dessert lover, dessert station is a must visit and try their waffles with ice - cream, Pistachio creme Dacquoise, Chocolate madeleines and many more!

must try weh! 

This delectable buffet dinner available at Latest Recipe from 6 June to 5 July 2016, priced at RM175 nett per adult and RM 87.50. Nett per child 9 (from Monday to Sunday ) 

Book now! Early bird vouchers are available at RM120 nett for adult and RM 60 nett for chill until 29th May 2016! Omnomnomnom! 

I love the concept!!

For reservation and more details , visit

Contact : +603 2263 7434

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