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The Best Fitbit Trackers 2017

Talking about New Year resolution, of course this year I want to get fit as much as I can! To maintain on that, I need something to track my daily routine like exercise. Well, It’s not every day you can  take care of yourself unless you’re an active gym goer or fitness addict right?

 But if your New Year’s resolution is to take better care of yourself, then it’s time for you to invest in a fitness product like Fitbit. Sometimes when you read or hear the word fitness product, you automatically think that it’s something you eat or use to workout with. Well it’s not wrong but a fitness item can also be something like Fitbit which is a fitness tracker or activity tracker. I just told you guys that I need tracker kan? hehehee

So what’s up with Fitbit? A Fitbit counts your calories, calculates how many hours of sleep your get and even monitors your heartbeat. Cool eh? As an activity tracker, the Fitbit will help you get into better shape because then you’ll finally realize whether or not you’re living healthily or doing enough to keep yourself fit. 

The Fitbit is used like a watch or smart watch but it has more features than your usual watch. Not only that but it’s also stylish so don’t worry about looking weird with a fitness tracker on every day. To be honest, I imagine myself as Power Rangers now because this Fitbit really cool!

If u asking me about Fitbit, I would choose the Fitbit Alta because it is super sleek and trendy. Plus I’m new to fitness of course I want something that is straightforward and simple. The Fitbit Alta does that and more for me so I think it’s a great choice. From calories tracking, steps to sleep activity, Fitbit Alta will cover it all for me.

 It can also display calls and SMS  notifications. Ahhhh super-duper cool! Not to mention it’s on the more affordable side of other Fitbit designs. Fitbit Alta is in my wishlist! I mean it guys since my birthday just around the corner.

Do you like the idea of a fitness tracker or do you have one already? Do let me know your suggestions if you have any or share your experience with a Fitbit today! Who knows you can help our readers here!

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