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guess what ? this is my 1st time typing blog entry in English. goshhh -.-" at last! i should do this long time before,perhaps..hewhewhew. so i guess purpose writing this entry because i wanna tell you guys that I  just finished my 4th semester! wehooo now its time for semester break. well before that, i want to say thank you to all lecturers pulling all efforts  supporting and educate us. to awesome friends for sure this semester is rocking like tango wango right ? before end up my entry , let me show you some 'picta' for this semester. 

my birthday cake. made by butat. i'm not teen anymore T_T

part of green - rock invention day. totally awesome because handle by TESL students

with raimy #TesliansHangOut

another picture of #TesliansHangOut

 Asmaradana dancing practise 

theater performance at dewan bahasa dan pustaka 


p/s : feeling awkward when write it in english (,_,) 


Unknown said...

selamat hari lahir....:)

Entri Terkini Kazen >> Follow 100 Blog Part 3

Nana said...

wahh..purple kek dia..btw,butat tu sape?hehe

Unknown said...

fuyooo model KPTM rupenye..

Unknown said...

fuyooo model KPTM rupenye..