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My AirAsia Free Seats

Dear Tony Fernandes ,

If I had 10 AirAsia Free Seats , I would go to Kalibo and I'd bring along my lovely family and supportive friends !

To be honest , My family and a few of my friends haven't got a chance to travel not even experiencing what it feels like boarding into a plane . With this opportunity will enable me bring them to our choice of destination, Kalibo. 

Being a community live in a rural area, we can only dream and mesmerized by the story of others .Where money is always being saved for food, education and emergency which travel or holiday is not even in the list. I still remember my first time boarding with AirAsia which is my first airplane in 2012. Best feelings ever! 

Why Kalibo ? In this 2014,  I bet if  I can bring my family and friends to Kalibo, the experience of traveling, the chance of encountering the culture of others is something that we never thought off . I want them experiencing what I has been through when first time boarding into a plane.

Plus , Kalibo is a new destination introduced by AirAsia itself.I feel so calm when I get a few of pictures about it . 

My Short video about My AirAsia Free Seats 

Thus, AirAsia providing me this platform for me to share with them what does it feels like travelling to other country and experience the zest of the country. 

I really hope AirAsia will fulfill my small wishlist! Thank you so much because providing this wonderful platform to us, #AABC 


Khai @ Budak Pacak


Hey to all travelers and Blog Budak Pacak readers, don't forget to visit AirAsia website because the Free Seats Promo is back ! So grab now guys! The promo will end this 31 of August. 

For more info log on

Thank you AirAsia because being my favourite airlines! 

p /s : I love sharing my thought and feelings using English. Sometimes it help me enhance my skill as a teacher ..maybe..LOL


Bahrain said...

Peluang yang ada jangan dilepaskan. :D

Ramble and Wander said...

Good luck!

Mira Cikcit said...

Seronok weh! Goodluck khai!!!!
Kalau ada seat kosong bawak aku sekali. hehe

penaberkala said...

Wow, Kalibo memang cantik menarik tertarik memang da bomb

btw, all the best bro
Nice lah video, ada bakat jadi host

Dikbee said...

good luckkkk

Yanty Lee said...

Fuh! Good Luck!

Mawardi yunus said...


Hafiz Hafizol said...

hey where is my pic? Why dont you put also in your entry? eh haha..

Unknown said...

bencikkk laaa yg last tu.. kenyit2 mate.. nahh kawww #cucukmata