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A Curated Guide to Making Your Manila Getaway Unforgettable!

There is nothing more exciting than visiting Manila, Philippines. It is a city full of color, culture, and amazing history. You can go on holiday from Kuala Lumpur to Manila flight when the holidays arrive.

Located on Luzon Island, Manila offers a blend of past and present. It showcases majestic historic buildings alongside luxurious modern shopping malls. 

As you explore the bustling streets, you' ll feel the warmth of the Philippines. Take advantage of the opportunity to savor typical dishes like adobo and experience the friendly nature of the locals.

Manila boasts a variety of attractions, ranging from art museums to charming white sand  beaches. Manila is a harmonious combination of both with its rich historical past and vibrant beauty. Before embarking on your holiday, here are some tips for making the most of your time in Manila!

Tips for Vacationing When You Go to Manila

1. Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Manila

Before arriving in Manila, ensure you have planned your air travel. Look for flights that fit your schedule, and consider purchasing tickets well in advance to get better prices.

Ninoy Aquino International Airport is the main gateway to Manila, and you'll find many airlines serving this route. Make sure to book your tickets with enough time so that you have flexibility in choosing your arrival time.

2. Currency Conversion

The official currency of the Philippines is the Philippine Peso (PHP). It's best to exchange some money for Pesos at the airport or local bank for your initial needs. Also, make sure you have a credit or debit card accepted in Manila.

3. Visa and Travel Document Preparation

Malaysian citizens do not need a visa to stay for 30 days in the Philippines. However, you will be asked to present a valid passport for at least six months from your arrival date. Make sure your passport is in good condition and ready to use.

4. Transportation from Airport to Hotel

After arriving at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, you should have a plan for transportation from the airport to your hotel.

You can use an official airport taxi or an online application to order a taxi easily. Make sure drivers use meters to avoid fraud. Another alternative is to use a car rental service, which you can do on the Traveloka application.

5. Prepare Suitable Clothes

Manila has a tropical climate with high temperatures all year round. It's almost the same as Malaysia. So make sure to bring appropriate clothing for hot and humid weather. Wear comfortable clothes such as t-shirts, shorts, and sandals. Remember to bring a hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.

6. Learn the Local Language

The official languages in the Philippines are Filipino/Tagalog and English. Most people in Manila can speak English, but having a few basic phrases in Tagalog can help you communicate with the locals.

7. Create an Itinerary

Manila offers various interesting tourist attractions. You can visit Intramuros to experience the colonial history of the Philippines, explore Mercado de la Raza and Quiapo Market to shop for souvenirs and explore Manila Bay Beach to relax. Make sure to plan your trip well so you can enjoy the most of what Manila has to offer.

8. Respect Local Culture

Filipino culture is very diverse and is highly respected by the locals. So, always be polite and respect local customs and traditions when you explore Manila.


In conclusion, traveling in Manila is an enchanting and memorable experience. With the right preparation, you can have an unforgettable adventure. 

Ensure you have prepared travel documents, exchanged money, and planned accommodation and transportation. Don't forget to explore its historical heritage, taste local food, and always care for your health and safety.

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